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Fashion Walk with Evolve Clothier and Noral DeCarlo 12/6/2015

Styles by Amour Luxueux and Atlantatainment

Shout out to Debra Sawyer and Atlantatainment for the awesome fashion piece and interview of our company. Thanks to my models who came out to participate and looked great doing it. And a special thanks to Noral De'Carlo Fashion. Please stay tuned for the interview... 



Hey guys, looking for a new lesbian entertainment geared towards unity, positivity, and partying with a substance...? GirlsWorld will be celebrating their Launch Party July 25, 2014 at phase2. This is a feel good atmosphere where we want to get away from the "who's who" type of party and get back to the it "doesn't matter who", we're here to have fun crowd! 

Make sure you all swing by and show my Ladies some love... 

Love will definitely be in the building

GRAND OPENING!! Noral De'Carlo Fashion now sold at Evolve Menswear

Congratulations to Noral De'Carlo... Grand opening for his line of Bow Ties, Neck Ties, and Pocket Squares are now sold at Evolve Menswear...  You saw it here, FIRST!

Face to Face interview with Essential Talk L&GL Radio

Styles by Amour Luxueux would like to thank Essential Talk  L&GL Radio (out of Tennessee) for the company interview Saturday April 27, 2013... It was a great success being the first interview for Styles by AL and also an honor being the first interview for their talk show! Congrats Styles by AL. The interview featured 3 different styles modeled by Ky Reed as well as a few styling tips and techniques given by our stylist Love Facyson. Please stay tuned for the video, which will air and will be posted soon...

Tyra B Mixtape Listening Party

Come out and support Tyra B and see her new look courtesy of Styles by Amour Luxueux on June 6, 2013 at the Museum Bar in Atlanta, GA.

Check out the EXCLUSIVE interview of Styles by Amoúr Luxueux's Executive Stylist, Love H. Facyson written by

Interview and Photo shoot with my client B. Rice... Shout out to Social Circle Magazine

This week on Kiss~N~Tell Tuesdays.
Your oh so kissable host Kissa Jo and her fabulous new co-host Onyx Keesha bring you "Are you what you wear?!?" with special guest, stylist, Love Fayson and actor, host, and model from Studville TV Season 2, B. Rice!
Tune in on 9/10 at 9pm by calling 3472158642 or online at


Styling and Clothing by: Styles by Amour Luxueux

Bow Ties, Pocket Squares and Roses by: Noral De Carlo

T-Shirts and Snapbacks by: I Am Money LLC

For more photos and fashion show information, please visit and follow IG: amourluxueux FB: Stylesby AmourLuxueux and Social Circle Magazine...